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What is a Life Coach

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A life coach is a motivational mentor who provides unconditional support, helps identify current obstacles, guide them through difficult life and career situations, it is forward moving and action-oriented. Life coaching  leads to success.

Benefits of Life Coaching

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The benefits of life coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that can help you produce extraordinary results in your life and career. Life coaching is not counseling or therapy, it is about achieving positive results in life.

Why Choose a Life Coach?

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Are you just existing or are you living? Do you jump out of bed eager with a grateful heart rearing to start the day? Do you find yourself living in the past? Do you feel limited? Do you know when you lost your passion? life coach vision boards law of attraction

If any of these questions resonate with you, your life would benefit from a life coach.

Testimonials From Clients


Because of Brenda my life has been turned around and I am heading in a new direction. She has helped me prioritize my life, both personally and career wise.      

Lucille, aka Ms. Attentive 


Brenda’s insights and natural ability have led me to focus on both setting and achieving my goals.  She listens, addresses my core issues, and leaves me with helpful strategies.      Melinda, aka Ms. Bossy 

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Looking at my vision board everyday inspires me to remain focused on my goals and work daily on attaining them.     

 Jean, aka Ms. Hopeful 

Video Testimonial

Mark's coaching experience 

SASS Coaching was on the Radio

Brenda, from SASS Coaching was interviewed by ElevatedFM Radio